Due to its capacity to form a strong, long-lasting bond that is resistant to weed growth and erosion, polymeric sand is a popular choice for filling gaps between pavers. However, polymeric sand cannot be used with all types of pavers. The polymeric sand for landscaping projects, offering stability and weed prevention.

Getting to Know Polymeric Sand:

When activated with water, polymeric sand is a mixture of fine sand and special additives that results in the formation of a binding agent. This binding agent helps secure the pavers together, resulting in a joint that is stable and cohesive.

Substantial Pavers:

Substantial pavers are the most well-known kind of pavers utilized with polymeric sand. They form a strong bond with the polymeric sand because of their uniform and smooth surface. For best results, proper installation is essential, and this includes making sure the pavers are clean and dry before applying them.

polymeric sand for landscaping

Pavers of interlocking concrete:

Interlocking substantial pavers, which have special plans that interlock with neighboring pavers, are additionally viable with polymeric sand. The interlocking plan upgrades the solidness of the pavers and the polymeric sand, giving areas of strength for a that can endure people strolling through and vehicle loads.

Pavers of Clay:

Polymeric sand should not typically be used with clay pavers. The permeable idea of mud can assimilate an excessive amount of water, keeping the polymeric sand from completely actuating and restricting appropriately. Additionally, the uneven surface of clay pavers may make it challenging for the sand to bond consistently.

Pavers Made of Real Stone:

Some natural stone pavers can be used with polymeric sand, but not all of them can. The polymeric sand may absorb water from porous stones like travertine and some types of flagstone, which could result in staining or discoloration. To ensure suitability, it is essential to test a small area first and consult a professional. Achieve seamless joints and long-lasting results with polymeric sand for landscaping, ideal for patio, walkway, and driveway installations.