Carpets are the essential item for floor décor. To enhance the beauty, hospitality spaces like hotel rooms, reception areas, hallways, conference rooms, and offices need proper maintenance of carpets. For this work commercial carpet cleaning services in grand Rapids is the best option to choose

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services:

  1. It’s a time saver. With advanced methods and equipment commercial carpet cleaning services will clean your carpets in no time as it does not require the lengthy processes of traditional cleaning.
  2. Uses excellent types of equipment and products. The types of equipment are so effective that they can clean dirt trapped deep inside the carpet.
  3. Hires experts for cleaning. The employees of such companies are trained and can identify the types of carpet and suitable cleaning processes.
  4. Acts as a filter and protects from stains. The products and types of equipment are so effective that they can eliminate bacteria and other pollutants, also protects your carpets from future stains.
  5. Maintains a bright appearance. The quality products and cleaning methods of these companies can restore the original appearance of your carpet, giving it a fantastic look.

Methods of Cleaning:

  • Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning:In this method of the company uses a powerful machine in the service truck to heat water. Then experts use a hot water extraction cleaning machine that injects water and carpet cleaning solution to extract the dirt from the carpet and with strong suction, the machine removed the cleaning solution, dirt, soil, and hot water so. If the truck-mounted machine is not accessible in your area, they will use a portable hot water extraction machine for cleaning.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: In this method, specialized polymers in the carpet cleaning solution lift and gather dirt and stains from the carpets, dries quickly, and form hard crystals. These dirt-trapped crystals can be vacuumed easily. This method is very quick and effective.

 So if you want clean carpets, go for commercial carpet cleaning next time.