In our enclosed lifestyle, windows are a peek through to nature and reality. It helps us connect from the outer world while safely maintaining distances and comforts. Windows allow natural light to flow and illuminate the room. They allow the residents to take in the perspectives of their surroundings. One of the important reasons why windows are installed is because they promote cross-ventilation in the house. Although windows are a crucial part of a house, it also is a key factor that leads to the breach in our privacy. If you wish to maintain your privacy and also enjoy the outside view at the same time, window films are the way to go.

What Are Window Films?

Window film (tint) is a fine laminating film that can be applied to the inside or outside of glass surfaces. It’s commonly created of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is widely used in homes, automobiles, etc. to help people feel safer.

Benefits Of Applying Window Films:

  • Reduces the chance of the glass completely shattering
  • Reduce sun damage.
  • Blocks glares.
  • Blocks UV rays.
  • Reduces the cost of energy
  • Reduces the risk of the seats fading away (in the case of automobiles).
  • It is very easy to put.
  • Helps maintain privacy.
  • Increases the aesthetic appearance.
  • Is a better alternative to a window replacement
  • Increases safety.
  • Helps protect the valuable items in your home.

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