Even though yard signs are a good way of promoting business, brands, supporting a politician and so on it also has a way of brightening up your lawn. The only catch here is that the sign has to be catchy. You can make a yard sign of any size but the estimate size is known as 1 ½ feet, 2 feet wide and 1 ½ feet tall. There are different types of yard signs that can be made ranging from, simple building signs to complex marquee. Nowadays even entire college/campus signage projects are undertaken. The custom yard signs in Cedar Rapids, IA have also made commercial outdoor signs available. These signs include building signs, Wayfinding signs and signs of monuments that help in showcasing the aim and vision of the brand.

 Custom yard signs have grown so much since the earlier days. Now you can get your customized signage in any shape, size , color, lightning and you can also add other details as per your requirement. Allegra and Graphic house, Inc. help in providing you with the best possible signs that have a wide variety of signs ranging from wall mounted signs to projected awning signs etc.

Types of exterior signs that are created in the Graphic house, Inc.

  • They help provide simple, classic wall mounted business signs.
  • Wayfinding signs which are extremely important, especially for people like me who keep forgetting where they are going. So these signs are made to help you with the directions.
  • Architectural elements which are designed as various signage’s.
  • Different awnings that are usually projected on or are supported by the exterior of the building wall.
  • Catchy and illusional signs that are projected from the building façade or pole.
  • Those extremely trendy signs which has a light illuminating over it, you can see most influencers having these types of signs .
  • Signs that are free-standing, monumental signs which are mounted on the floor or have a base.
  • Just like monumental signs, these are also freestanding but they are pylon signs that are mounted on a visible supporting structure.